A Father who needs forgiveness?

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A Missouri priest is in the unusual and uncomfortable position of being in the middle of a divorce.

The priest is being sued by the husband in the divorce; the husband alleges that the Father fathered a boy with the man’s wife.

The lawsuit was filed in Cass County, about 250 miles west of St. Louis.

The suit alleges that the priest, after being asked by the couple to provide counseling, became sexually involved with the wife, eventually fathering her son.

“It’s not a good thing to find out that your son is not yours and the father is actually a priest that you thought you could trust,” the man told a newspaper. “I still can’t believe it.”

The lawsuit doesn’t disclose the man’s name, his wife’s name or the name of the boy the couple raised together until their separation.

The man said he still considers the boy his son, though DNA tests say it’s 99.99998 percent certain that the priest is the boy’s biological father.

According to the lawsuit, the affair began when the woman sought counseling — at her husband’s urging — from the priest after she’d lost her job with the dioceses in 2004.

The man said the priest had baptized the couple’s three children.

But a year ago, the man’s wife told him that she’d had an affair with the minister. A week later, she confessed that their young son might not have been fathered by her husband.

Ironically enough, the priest is a member of the diocese’s Marriage Tribunal, a position he has not been asked to leave, despite a public admission of the affair and the fathering of the child.

The man who filed the lawsuit isn’t amused.

“If I wanted to get an annulment, I’d have to go in front of [the priest],” he told the newspaper.

He and his wife currently share custody of the children. The young boy hasn’t yet been told who his biological father is, but the man says he will be told when the time is right.

Source: Kansas City Star: “Lawsuit alleges priest in Kansas City diocese fathered child” by Judy L. Thomas: Sept. 26, 2011

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