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Most people express surprise when they learn the extent to which the law impacts family life. Once two individuals decide they want to formalize their relationship, the law comes into play – one or both individuals may have various property interests they wish to protect or decide in advance how to handle different issues if the relationship should unravel, and so they would need a prenuptial agreement. One or both individuals may have children from a previous relationship and wish to assure their financial security through trust and estate planning.

Even the intact family can have legal issues. For example, a child may get involved with the wrong group of friends and suddenly face charges in the juvenile court. Or a stepparent may wish to formalize rights to his or her stepchild and need a step-parent adoption. And, unfortunately, domestic violence and abuse can arise, requiring orders of protection.

Once a relationship ends, individuals seek the law to protect their interests.  In seeking either legal separation or divorce, each party has different interests and worries whether the legal system treats mothers the same as fathers, and whether grandparents or children have interests the law can protect. How to handle child custody, support and division of property became often heated issues, and individuals may wish to avoid conflict through mediation or collaborative divorce. And if parents have children not formalized by marriage, paternity actions may become necessary. And individuals with high net worth may have particular interests to protect.

At The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C., we handle all aspects of family law-related issues, from the birth of a relationship to its dissolution, for mothers, fathers, children and grandparents. We will bring our experience and expertise to help you find the best resolution to your situation, at whatever spectrum of the life of the family relationship you find yourself.


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