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meet the marks law committed to you

Committed to You

Transcription: Committed to You Our goal is simple: we want to provide the highest service possible to our clients. We do that by being a

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meet the marks law are we right for you

Are We Right for You?

Transcription: Are We Right for You? We get asked every day how we compare to other attorneys in the St. Louis market. The reality is,

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family law what is family law

What is Family Law?

Transcription: What is Family Law? Family Law encompasses many areas of your personal life and because the issues can affect us so deeply, it is

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family law fathers rights

Father’s Rights

Transcription:  Father’s Rights Father’s Rights is a popular phrase these days and the crux of the matter is whether fathers are discriminated against by the

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family law mothers rights

Mother’s Rights

Transcription:  Mother’s Rights Many women today feel that the phrase “Mother’s Rights” seems out of date or out of place. After all, the law treats

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family law childrens rights

Children’s Rights

Transcription: Children’s Rights In the Family Law context it might seem strange to thing that Children might have rights of their own since they are,

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family law grandparents rights

Grandparent’s Rights

Transcription:  Grandparent’s Rights You may not know it, but Missouri has a specific statute that allows grandparents to intervene in a custody case to assert

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family law stepparent adoption

Stepparent Adoption

Transcription:  Stepparent Adoption If you live in a “blended” household because you’ve gotten remarried, the specific natural of the legal relationships in your new family

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family law appealing your case

Appealing Your Case

Transcription:  Family Law: Appeals You may be asking whether a given Family Law case can be amended after a decision has been reached and the

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family law name change

Name Change

Transcription:  Name Changes If you don’t like your name, you can change it… even if you’re a minor. You might want to change your name

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divorce lawyer uncontested divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Transcription:  Uncontested Divorce In an Uncontested Divorce, while you and your spouse may disagree over certain aspects of custody, property or support, you both believe

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divorce lawyer PDL motions

PDL Motions

Transcription:  PDL Motions If you and your spouse are having a difficult time coming to agreement on the terms of your divorce, that is, you’re

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divorce lawyer post divorce estate planning

Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Transcription:  Post-Divorce Estate Planning As you go through the divorce process, many issues will be decided and come to a close, while other items, such

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divorce lawyer alternative dispute resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Transcription:  Alternative Dispute Resolution Not every divorce has to be a contentious, drama-filled battle like in the movie, “Kramer vs. Kramer.” In fact, you and

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divorce special legal separation

Legal Separation

Transcription:  Legal Separation If you’re considering a divorce but aren’t quite sure that’s the best option, then a Legal Separation may be a viable alternative.

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divorce special military divorce

Military Divorce

Transcription:  Military Divorce If you or your spouse is an active member of the armed services of the United States, special procedures may apply that

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divorce special annulment


Transcription:  Annulment Annulments are only granted in very limited circumstances and as such are not nearly as common as divorce. In essence an annulment makes

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high asset divorce valuation of assets

Valuation of Assets in Divorce

Transcription:  High Asset Divorce: Valuation of Assets One of the most difficult tasks in a high asset divorce involves valuation, the process of putting a

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high asset divorce hidden assets

Hidden Assets in Divorce

Transcription:  High Asset Divorce: Hidden Assets The starting point for the division of Property is 50-50, but one of the spouses may be tempted to

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