Child Abuse & Neglect Lawyer


Abuse & Neglect

If you find yourself involved in a case of child abuse or neglect, because the stakes are so high, you need the help of an experienced attorney, one who knows how to deal with the Department of Social Services, the juvenile courts, the family courts and the criminal courts, as well as guardians ad litem and the foster care system. Being part of the legal process for a case of abuse or neglect can feel chaotic and frightening, and you can say or do something against your best interests without even knowing it. Consequently, your best option is to speak with a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Child abuse and neglect can happen in all types of households, for intact and separated families. It often involves some of the most painful moments parents must ever face.

Once an investigation begins, it can unfold in a variety of ways and involve multiple arenas, from administrative agencies to courtrooms. Parents accused of abuse or neglect face the prospect of losing custody or even a criminal charge. Children who are victims of abuse or neglect could find themselves separated from one or both parents and placed into foster care.

Cases of Abuse and Neglect are very serious and we highly recommend that, even if you don’t call us for advice, you seek out counsel that has the experience to advise you during this difficult time.

You need an experienced divorce attorney on your side.