Appealing Your Case


Family Law: Appeals

You may be asking whether a given Family Law case can be amended after a decision has been reached and the answer is “yes.” If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your case, the Missouri Constitution guarantees every family court litigant the right to appeal a decision of a circuit court to the court of appeals of the appropriate district. If the appellate court agrees with the appealing party, it can reverse the trial court or send it back to the trial court for new proceedings. This process is in place because Trial Courts can make mistakes.

To determine whether any such mistake has merit on appeal, you need to consult with an experienced appellate lawyer but unfortunately not many lawyers have handled an appeal; fewer still have handled multiple appeals involving family law issues in both state and federal courts of appeal. At the Marks Law Firm, we have over fifty years of combined appellate experience. We have handled over 100 appeals in the district courts of appeal in Missouri, the Missouri Supreme Court and the federal Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully prepare the briefs in your case and orally argue your claims before judges with high expectations. If you choose the Marks Law Firm, you will have the advantage of a skilled appellate lawyer working for you.

You need an experienced divorce attorney on your side.