A new book shares ideas for successfully sharing child custody

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For many parents, one of the most difficult things to do after a divorce is to wake up one morning and realize that their child is not there in the house. Then they remember: as part of a shared child custody agreement, their child spends half the nights and mornings with their former spouse.

The Huffington Post recently ran an article by authors of a new book, “Love for Grown-Ups: The Garter Brides Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a Life” that gives practical advice on how to successfully share your child.

Skype and phone calls count: make those Skype and phone calls at predictable times on particular days, so your children can count on you to be there on those days at those times, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Schedule the times and days so they’re convenient as possible for both the parent and the child.

Send reminders: there are tons of cards in stores and online available to send at little cost and trouble to remind your child that you love them, are thinking of them and wondering how they’re doing.

Welcome: make sure your child feels comfortable in your home, which means allowing them to have photos of your ex in their room. Another idea the authors have: make a photo album featuring images of the good times you and your child have spent together (amusement parks, road trips, beach adventures, visits to the zoo, etc.). Include souvenirs such as tickets or maps from the fun times, too.

If you’re looking for more child custody management ideas, check out the book by Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Lampl and Tish Rabe.

Source: Huffington Post, “Sharing Custody of My Child: What Do I Do?,” June 11, 2012

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