An Indispensable App for Divorce

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Technology can make us crazy, but also can bring simplicity and order to our lives. During divorce, trying to keep track of important documents, dates, activities and finances can become taxing, especially when your attorney asks you to provide these materials as part of the litigation process. Fortunately, technology can help with this task.

An app known as Day One functions as a simple journal app that allows the user to record information in a calendar format about the events of a given day. It works quite simply, either through text or voice dictation. It also allows inserting pictures or screenshots of text messages into a section of notes.

So how can Day One help in divorce?

An important aspect of gathering information in divorce involves chronicling events between spouses or soon to be ex-spouses. Rather than wait multiple days to record an event on a piece of paper, an individual can immediately record what happens in the Day One app, giving real time commentary and supporting evidence through text messages, photos or other items, including voice recordings from witnesses. And because Day One works like a calendared journal, every entry automatically gets put in chronological order.

Besides tracking conflict points, a person could track what happens in custody visits so that good and bad info can get recorded and journaled on the proper day. A bruise on a child could get photographed and logged, together with a receipt for a doctor or hospital visit. Used properly, Day One becomes an extremely powerful organizer.

As you compile your information, if you need to send it to your attorney, you can export it easily as a PDF file that will be chronological and contain all your supporting data.

Day One works on iPhone and iPad, syncs with Dropbox or iCloud and has the ability to work between devices.

We feel that every person going through divorce could find this app extremely helpful, if not critical, to working through divorce.

If you have questions about the Day One app and divorce, contact us – we can help.

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