Is this neverending divorce finally final?

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The couple was divorced in 1995. Their two children are now adults. But the fighting between the former husband and his ex-wife has carried on in courtrooms until just last week.

Now their divorce battle might have finally come to an end. Maybe.

Two years ago, the Illinois couple’s grown children filed a lawsuit against their mother for “bad mothering.” The mother says the suit was just another attempt by her ex-husband to get revenge on her.

The children’s complaints against mom are interesting, to say the least: she sent her son a birthday card he didn’t like and she failed to buy her daughter toys.

The offensive birthday card had a picture of tomatoes on it. All of the tomatoes were similar except one which had silly, googly eyes on it.

Inscribed on the card were these words: “Son, I got you this birthday card because it’s just like you…different from all the rest!”

Terrible? The son apparently thought so. He also complained in court documents that the “inappropriate” card didn’t contain any money.

Interestingly, the father of the litigious children served as one of their attorneys in the case.

The father wrote that his children’s lawsuit is the same as if they’d sued a doctor for “bad doctoring.” Everyone must be accountable for their actions, he wrote to the court, including parents.

The case is an extreme example of how out-of-control emotions in a divorce can damage everyone involved. No emerges from a case like this as a winner. Though the mother prevailed in this case, it’s probably pretty obvious that no mother feels good about being sued by her children.

It’s just further evidence that emotions in divorce can sometimes overwhelm people, making the assistance of an experienced attorney and guide through the process vital.

Source: Chicago Tribune: “‘Bad mothering’ lawsuit dismissed” by Steve Schmadeke: Aug. 28, 2011

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