Mediation: turn your divorce into a conversation instead of a war

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Family Law on Friday, May 6, 2011

Mediation has become a popular way for divorcing couples to create a functional divorce arrangement without having to fight each other in court. Mediators help couples discuss issues such as child custody, spousal support, and asset division through what is ideally a civil, collaborative conversation. The couple ultimately holds the power to compromise on the final agreements, while the mediator supervises the process and offers an objective third-party opinion.

Many former spouses have found that using mediation helped them resolve their divorce through compromise instead of confrontation. Generally, when ex-partners are willing to openly communicate with one another everyone benefits. On the other hand, when bitterness creeps into the divorce settlement and unwarranted insults start flying, things can quickly become very complicated.

While there are many examples of messy, public divorces among the Hollywood crowd, recent developments in one celebrity couple’s case provide a compelling example of how hurtful accusations made in anger can come back to haunt the accuser. Yesterday, country star Sara Evans’ divorce attorney made a public apology to Evans’ ex-husband after he was unable to prove charges of sexual infidelity and alcohol abuse.

Evans’ attorney accused the singer’s ex-husband of videotaping his sexual encounters with numerous women during the couple’s marriage, including one of the family’s babysitters. Originally, Evans’ lawyer asserted that he could provide pictures to back up his charges, but this claim proved to be false.

Evans’ ex-husband suffered a good deal of personal and professional stress due to these untenable accusations. Fortunately, the couple appears to have remained on relatively good terms throughout the ordeal and is now working together on a child custody arrangement, but not all such cases will come to such a peaceful conclusion.

Mediation encourages couples to spend their energy working together during a divorce instead of trying to tear each other down. If you think mediation might be the right option for you, a qualified family law attorney can help step you through the process.

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