Polygraph test results may lead couples to file for divorce

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Divorce on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Polygraph tests are no longer just for law enforcement offices. Many couples are now heading to a polygraph testing center to see if their significant others are cheating, wasting their joint finances, or otherwise lying to them. A growing number of spouses are naming unsatisfactory lie-detector results as the final straw which led them to file for divorce.

While the American Polygraph Association does not officially keep track of how many lie-detector tests are delivered each year, estimates put the number in the hundreds of thousands. An ex-president of the American Polygraph Association stated that he believed at least 15 percent of all administrated tests were given to couples questioning the strength of their relationship.

Polygraph tests are not foolproof technology, but some estimates put their accuracy ratings above 95 percent.

According to polygraph examiners, couples seeking a lie-detector test most frequently ask questions centering on fidelity. Perhaps one or both of the spouses are suspicious that their partner has been unfaithful, and they see the polygraph test as a way to know for sure.

Some couples who have undergone polygraph tests claimed that it saved their marriage, while others have listed the test as the motivating factor behind their divorce. The number of Americans considering a divorce has been steadily increasing for many years. No matter how they got there, couples who find themselves in the middle of a divorce should seek legal advice to help them navigate the process.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot. “Va. Beach polygraph examiner puts true love to the test.” Cindy Clayton, February 14, 2011

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