Update on Jennifer Hudson Custody Battle

JenniferHudson Breakup

We previously detailed how Jennifer Hudson, award winning actress and singer currently a judge on The Voice, and David Otunga, WWE wrestling star, have begun a rather messy end to a ten-year relationship. Hudson had obtained a temporary order of protection and seemed to hint at a rather ugly and public battle for their son.

However, it seems more reasonable minds have prevailed, at least for now. Apparently, Hudson withdrew all of her requests related to the order of protection and claims relating to improper behavior by Otunga. Further, Hudson agreed to let Otunga serve as primary custodian of the parties’ son for the present time, if for no other reason than Hudson simultaneously taping the UK version of the The Voice and the American version of The Voice, which has her making transatlantic flights on a weekly basis.

Hopefully, Hudson and Otunga can now focus on structuring a longer term final custody arrangement that will be in the best interests of their son.

Why the sudden change of heart?

One explanation—a different legal strategy by Hudson where she looks less like a villain and more like a cooperative parent, thereby lowering the risk of a one parent takes all custody outcome.

Another explanation—a public relations strategy by Hudson and Otunga that understands their present and future economic livelihood depends on a certain family-friendly public image, one that would be tarnished by an ugly custody fight.

While most divorces and custody cases tend not to involve public figures, the lessons remain valuable for private figures too. First, divorces are still public record, and no one wants their dirty laundry as fodder for the local community—it can affect reputational and economic interests. Second, children always benefit when parents take a less contentious approach because they will be subjected to less fighting and manipulation.

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