Child Support – Emancipation (When does Child Support End?)


Emancipation: When does Child Support End?

In Missouri, there are very specific statutes that address when Child Support can end. For example, Child Support ends if the child gets married, passes away, becomes Self-Supporting or goes on Active Duty in the military. Other circumstances are somewhat more complicated and may also require a fair amount of documentation.

Normally, Child Support ends at age eighteen but can remain in effect if the child is enrolled in school. Whether the child is finishing High School or is attending a qualified institution of higher education, Child Support may be extended provided that the rules are followed.

These rules require that the child is fully engaged in additional schooling such that the child is enrolled in a Tech School, Community College or Four-Year College on a Full-Time basis, meaning 12 credit hours or more each semester. In addition, the child’s grade must be maintained so that continued enrollment is possible and full documentation, both before and after each and every semester must be given to the parent that is paying Child Support to prove these facts.

While these are the general guidelines, your situation may be different so contact a skilled lawyer to work through your circumstances.

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