Chris Harrison will divorce his wife of 18 years

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Many Missouri television lovers have probably watched an episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor” at some point. The reality show is one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures. The series is filled with heartbreak and passionate love–all distinguished by a recurring rose ceremony at the end of each episode. If you are a fan, you may have already heard that Chris Harrison, host of this series, is getting a divorce from his wife of 18 years. Within this process, the TV personality will undoubtedly have to deal with property division matters and issues regarding his children.

Harrison and Gwen Jones announced that they would be separating after nearly two decades together. Currently, the couple lives in California with their two children. California is a community property state; however, most states are common law property states. In community property states, assets acquired during marriage are split down the middle in a divorce; assets are owned equally. On the other hand, common law states, such as Missouri, permit each spouse to retain separate ownership of their individual property if a divorce results. Assets are shared only by choice. The court makes a fair evaluation.

Both systems can lead to court battles. Nevertheless, community property can be particularly painful. This is especially true if the separation is adversarial. Because everything is divided equally, one party often feels cheated out of assets.

In addition to dividing property, Harrison and his wife will also have to make arrangements for their children. They will have to work out matters regarding custody, visitation and child support payments.

In the end, divorce is not easy. Even so, reports suggest that Harrison and Jones are trying to approach the process in a very amicable and logical way.

Source: Reuters, “‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison is getting a divorce,” Edward Tan, May 4, 2012

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