Divorce & Visitation Rights



Getting Visitation Rights does not necessarily mean limited access to your children. Even if you’re awarded Joint Legal and Joint Physical Custody of your child, the court may still give you “only” Visitation Rights. This is likely because your child’s address for mailing and educational purposes is at the home of the child’s other parent. And of course, if the other parent has Sole Physical Custody, you’ll likely also have Visitation Rights.

But because Missouri has a preference for both parents to have frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with their children the court will enable to both parents to spend sufficient time with their kids. Only in cases where it is not in the best interests of the child, such as certain types of legal trouble with you or the other parent, will the courts severely limit Visitation.

The court will enter a detailed Parenting Plan that will set out the specific duties and conditions of each parent with regard to Visitation Rights and will set out a specific schedule to be followed by both parents.

You need an experienced divorce attorney on your side.