Katrina, Incarceration Delayed Lil Wayne’s Court Ordered Paternity Test

By November 30, 2010April 11th, 2022Paternity

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Hurricane Katrina began to form on August 23, 2005 over the Atlantic Ocean, swirling and churning the water below and slowly grew into one of the most devastating hurricanes to strike the shores of the United States of America. The hurricane caused record damage to homes, buildings and neighborhoods that cost billions to rebuild and repair. For some families, the cost was more than monetary.

The grandmother of one 8-year-old boy spent years searching for a decision on who the father of the young child was. She claimed that it was Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., more commonly known to his fan base as Lil Wayne, but she could not prove it. The hurricane not only tore her city apart, but it destroyed important court documents pertinent to the paternity case and slowed down court processes during the rebuilding months that followed.

The boy had been born in 2002, and the grandmother reported that her multiple attempts to contact the rapper went unanswered, forcing her to take legal action. The documents destroyed in the hurricane delayed the case for several years until the grandmother was able to obtain a court order for a paternity test. Unfortunately, for the grandmother, when the court order had finally been obtained, the rapper was incarcerated. After serving his 8 month sentence at Rikers Island in New York, the grandmother will finally get the requested paternity test.

This is not the first time that a declaration of Lil Wayne’s paternity was requested. The 8-year-old boy, if determined to have been fathered by Carter, would be the rapper’s fifth son with five different women.

Source: The BoomBox “Hurricane Katrina Delayed Lil Wayne Paternity Test?” Latifah Muhammad 11/16/10