Lying about paternity? ABC’s ‘Revenge’ puts issue in spotlight

By October 24, 2012May 20th, 2016Paternity

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C posted in Paternity on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you are a fan of the ABC television drama “Revenge,” then you certainly have an opinion over the events of one of the most recent episodes aired in St. Louis. The show’s main character plays the role of a woman living a double life. Her true identity is that of Amanda Clarke, a girl whose father was framed for a crime he didn’t commit — and it altered her life forever.

She took on the role of Emily Thorne to exact revenge, but the girl Amanda Clarke couldn’t just disappear and her friend took on the role, becoming impregnated by the real Amanda’s childhood sweetheart. In a recent episode, Emily Thorne lied to the impregnated imposter about the true paternity of the child in her womb. Viewers of the show have their opinions over whether that was right or wrong, but our readers may wonder what it has to do with them?

Creating the false deception of literally everything is easy to do in a make-believe television show, but in real life it has real consequences for those involved. Lying or even ambiguity over the truth sadly does occur in the real world and often one parent may deny the paternity of a child. In some cases a father may be denied custody of a child by a mother claiming he isn’t the father. In other instances, a father may refuse to pay for a child he claims he didn’t father. In even other cases, it is the false presumption of paternity that can affect the lives of those involved.

There are protections for those who want to establish the paternity of their child. Whether it is a father or a mother seeking to establish their rights, deception is hard to hide when an experienced attorney has a parent’s interests at the fore in a custody dispute. Establishing paternity is the first step in many of these cases.

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