Is St. Louis ready for mobile paternity testing?

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C posted in Paternity on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

St. Louis is pretty progressive in a lot of ways, but we might not be ready for “Who’s Your Daddy?”

That’s what’s inscribed across a van used in New York City for mobile DNA testing to determine paternity. That’s right: the testing company drives to your door and figures out who is who and what is what for just $299.

When the rolling business began two years ago, the van was painted with the image of a giant cup containing urine. “We called it the Pee Mobile,” the owner recently told a New York media outlet.

But when people kept asking about paternity tests, the owner decided to shift the graphics emphasis on the van.

Since the change a couple of months ago, business is up. He’s even had discussions with an agent casting around for a new reality TV show.

Advances in technology have made DNA tests more affordable, a professor at Johns Hopkins University said. There are five times as many paternity tests performed today than there were a couple of decades ago, he said.

The DNA testing job isn’t without its drama, the owner of the “Who’s Your Daddy?” van said.

Upon hearing results, some people cry, some people plead and some others try to bribe him. One man offered him $1,000 to “lose” incriminating DNA evidence.

“But of course, we don’t do that. Ever,” the owner said.

DNA testing can be crucial in a paternity dispute. For some women, the results can mean they’re successfully able to claim child support. For some men, results can mean they’re successfully able to claim parental rights.

In either case, the aid of an experienced family law firm can be crucial in using test results to get the legal outcome you seek.

Source:, “‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Van Peddles Paternity Tests,” Oct. 26, 2012

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