Missouri woman’s child support tangled in collect ticket scam

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Authorities are looking at clawing back child support payments made to a Missouri woman by her ex-husband.

Officials say the payments from the man convicted in the Kansas University ticket scam were fraudulent and that the money should go to the university’s athletics department, its insurance company and the Internal Revenue Service.

The ex-husband paid his former wife nearly $100,000 before he pleaded guilty in the case.

He’s one four former KU athletic department employees who pleaded guilty and were sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a scheme to steal more than $2 million worth of the university’s basketball and football tickets and sell them to ticket brokers and others.

The ex-husband is currently in a federal prison in Oklahoma.

In 2010, he made two withdrawals from his athletics department retirement account: one for $70,000 and another for $27,000.

The Missouri woman says she was advised by her attorney at the time that the payments were lawful.

However, the timing of the payments is the sticking point with prosecutors. The ex-husband resigned his KU job in April of 2010 and withdrew the $70,000 in July of that year. In December 2010, he withdrew the $27,000 and also passed that on to his ex-wife.

The payments represent pre-payments of child support. In other words, he paid child support for his son in advance for eight years.

However, the man was also ordered to make restitution in the case and prosecutors believe those payments should rightfully be routed to the IRS, which is owed $113,843.

The ex-wife reportedly agreed to return $80,000, but her ex-husband apparently refused to consent to the deal. His agreement had been a condition of the settlement.

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