Riddle: What you get when you mix together divorce and a kangaroo?

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What’s a divorce and a kangaroo when mixed together? Why it’s Divaroo.com, of course.

The website is a child custody management system devised by a 28-year-old mom determined to help others successfully handle shared custody and visitation, whether they’re in St. Louis, Topeka or Santa Fe.

They might even be in Prineville, Oregon, where the mom and custody management system designer lives.

The woman and her husband divorced five years ago after five years of marriage. They had two young children when they split, however, and things quickly got complicated.

“I needed something that could put everything straightforward,” the mom/designer recently told a media outlet.

She said she wanted a way of keeping track of everything so that she knew what was going on, her ex knew and her children knew.

“That’s how I came up with this,” she said.

The site allows both parents to see what’s going on in the part of their children’s lives spent with their former spouse. It has multiple uses, she explains. For instance, one parent can upload the kids’ report cards and the other parent can click on and view the documents.

She says parents can track visitation dates, doctor’s appointments, emergency contacts, school activities, share photos and keep track of custody agreements.

“I’m not the only mom who has gone through a divorce and has children,” the woman who designed it said. “And if I have a need for it, I know other moms do, too.”

But what does a kangaroo have to do with it? Well, the name of the website comes from something the woman’s daughter said about feeling like a kangaroo as she jumped back and forth from one parent to the other.

Perhaps now the leaps are a little less confusing for everyone.

Source: KTVZ, “Prineville Mom Creates Child Custody Software,” May 22, 2012

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