Should the parent with the most money get child custody?

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The question is a simple one, and for many people, one with an easy answer: Should the parent with the most money get child custody in a divorce?

A woman wrote recently on the Huffington Post that she was at one time facing the real possibility that she would end up paying her wealthy husband child support in their “god-awful custody battle.”

The pair came to a painful resolution of the battle: the woman got custody of the couple’s daughter and he got custody of their son. They also agreed to split medical expenses and other child-related costs.

But at least she doesn’t have to pay her ex child support. As she put it: “The prospect of someone — me — who works full-time for a middle-class salary and has no family money, having to pay child support to someone who has so much family money that he doesn’t work, wanders across the border of Ludicrousland and into Heinousville.”

Some of the readers of her renowned blog on divorce and child custody didn’t agree with her, however. Some thought that the parent who has the most money should get the child custody nod over the parent who makes (or has inherited) less.

But does more money make a person a better parent? It certainly makes it easier to provide material things to a child, and that can be important, but it’s just as certain that money is no guarantee that the parent can provide crucial emotional support or is willing to spend the time and put in the energy needed to be a full-time, loving parent.

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Source: Huffington Post, “Should The Richer Parent Get Custody?” Sept. 28, 2012

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