Unusual pre-nups: how to get everything you want in a marriage

By October 26, 2012May 20th, 2016Legal Separation

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C posted in Legal Separation on Friday, October 26, 2012

In the eyes of some of St. Louis readers, the value of marriage in America has significantly declined in recent years. Divorce rates have climbed, bringing new meaning to the phrase ’til death do us part.’ As a result, the popularity of prenuptial agreements has also been on the rise to safeguard individuals from what now may seem like an inevitable divorce.

In addition, no longer is the need to control the stipulations of a marriage or divorce considered a habit of the rich and famous. Prenuptial agreements have become more commonplace even among those who aren’t bringing significant assets to the marriage. The idea is to set forth a set of guidelines and terms in the possibility of separation in order to make the potential divorce process easier and fairer.

Family law practices around the country have not only seen an increase in marital agreements, but also in the variety of stipulations in these agreements. No longer are these pre-nups only concerned with securing financial assets and child custody, but now include all kinds of personal matters. Everyone has their own pet peeves and special needs that can tangle a marriage quickly, and turning to legal agreements can make sure your needs are set in stone should the marriage end in divorce.

Want your wife to have dinner on the table at six o’clock every night or your man to do the dishes afterwards? Scared of spousal weight gain or decline in intimacy? You might want to put it in writing before saying ‘I do.’

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